SEO Case Study : Brian Ross


The Business:

Brian Ross is part of Canada’s biggest criminal law firm, Rusonik, O’Connor, Ross, Gorham and Angelini, LLP, as well as a founding member. He has represented and continues to represent clients facing a wide range of criminal offences, including drug offenses, assaults, drinking and driving, robbery, and more. Regardless of the offense, Brian Ross works tirelessly to defend his clients using his experience and knowledge, while working in their best interests to ensure their rights are protected at all times and they receive the best possible outcomes. He has even represented high profile cases for clients with successful results.

The Challenge:

The challenge facing Brian Ross was how his website was organized and provided information to potential clients. He wanted to streamline the web design to make it easier for people to find information about criminal offenses and his services. In addition, he wanted to simplify the way people could reach him through the website and incorporate social media into the site design to automatically notify interested clients of updates and recent successes.

The Solution:

Webryze began with a complete website audit and analysis of the existing online content. Next, the professionals at Webryze proposed a redesigned website to include the features Brian Ross desired. The newly designed page featured an information section about recent successes as well as a Twitter feed interested people could subscribe to and follow Brian. Next, Webryze added a contact form on the main page for people to use to ask questions or request an appointment with Brian. The team at Webryze created new pages which featured a collection of useful links for clients, like the locations and directions to nearby courthouses. Lastly, the site was refreshed with new content in the form of blog posts and articles incorporating keyword data relevant to the criminal law industry.

The Results:

Brian Ross’ newly designed website became the number one search result for “Toronto criminal lawyers” within the first six months after the updates. As a result of being the top ranked criminal law firm in Toronto, Brian also benefited from larger volumes of site traffic and an increase for consultation appointment requests.

  • Organic traffic increased 500% over 12 months
  • Consultation appointment and telephone inquiries rose 250%
  • 95% increase in relevant long tail keyword traffic
  • Top 5 Google rankings for all major non-branded keywords with many number one rankings

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