SEO Case Study : Céline Dostaler


The Business:

Céline Dostaler is an experienced bilingual criminal defense lawyer representing clients in the greater Ottawa area for all types of criminal offenses, such as domestic assault, bail hearings, fraud, homicide, harassment, theft, and drug offenses. Céline understands the stress associated with being charged for a criminal offense and lends her expertise to her clients to successfully represent their cases and protect their rights. She has delivered successful results for her clients with the most appropriate outcomes in regards to their charges.

The Challenge:

Céline Dostaler wanted to give her bilingual client base the option to choose between their preferred language when visiting her website and its resources. She also wanted to improve the functionality of the site to make it easier for people to contact her to schedule appointments and incorporate social media where interested people could subscribe to and follow her blogs. She turned to the experts at Webryze for their assistance in achieving her objectives.

The Solution:

Céline Dostaler’s team at Webryze conducted an in-depth website review of her existing content and developed a list of industry relevant keywords. Next, Webryze proposed creating two different versions of the site pages, one in English and the other in French, along with a language selection option on the home page. Webryze updated the main page with a spam protected contact section where potential clients could submit an email request for an appointment directly to Céline, as well as added links to all of Céline’s social media pages. The keyword data was incorporated into blog posts and updated in the appropriate article directories to help increase site traffic and improve search engine rankings.

The Results:

Visitors to the newly redesigned website were now able to read the web pages and content in their preferred language. They could also contact Céline Dostaler by filling out a simple form and a few mouse clicks. The updated content with the keyword data moved the site to top rankings in search results with many number one positions for key terms, like “DUI lawyer Ottawa”. As a result of top search rankings, more people were finding Céline’s website. Over the next six months, Céline Dostaler experienced:

  • A 230% increase in organic website traffic
  • Top 5 Google rankings, with numerous top rankings, for all major non-branded keywords
  • A 77% increase in relevant long tail keyword traffic
  • A 125% increase in new telephone inquiries and consultation appointment requests

Sample Top Ranking Keywords:

  • DUI Lawyer Ottawa
  • Ottawa Impaired Driving Lawyers
  • Criminal Defense Lawyers Ottawa
  • Ottawa Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Bail Hearing Lawyer Ottawa
  • Drug Offense Lawyer Ottawa
  • Ottawa Criminal Assault Defense Lawyer