SEO Case Study :John Poulet


The Business:

Since 1962, John Poulet Cheque Writer Service has been providing the Greater Toronto Area with paper processing equipment, financial industry equipment, secure cheque writing and software solutions. The firm offers it solutions and services to clients all throughout Canada with physical locations in Quebec, PEI, and Toronto.

The Challenge:

John Poulet had relied heavily upon traditional marketing methods, strategic business partnerships, and word of mouth referrals to establish its business over the last half a decade. The company understood it was essential to have an online presence to meet the needs to today’s clients. Their efforts at launching a website and optimizing it correctly with the major search engines proved to be an endeavor the company could not easily accomplish on its own. Because their efforts were beyond their capabilities, their website soon became outdated and had functionality problems. Since they did not want to give up on the potential online markets could offer the company, they turned to Webryze for their expertise and knowledge to fix their website and help build a strong online presence.

The Solution:

Webryze met with John Poulet to discuss their objectives and goals, as well as reviewed their existing online content. The first step of this project involved redesigning the website by updating the content and fixing the functionality problems. The next step of the project required developing a comprehensive list of high traffic generating keywords and using them in new, original content which was placed on the freshly redesigned website, at key offsite locations, and updated in article directories to build back links, improve search rankings, and increase website traffic.

The Results:

Webryze efforts soon paid off for John Poulet. Six months after implementing the website redesign and new content placement, the company was achieving hundreds of first page search rankings for many of the relevant keywords, as well as top rankings for more than half of the keyword phrases used during the campaign. In addition to top search engine rankings, other benefits John Poulet experienced as a result of Webryze’s SEO marketing campaign included:

  • A user friendly, highly efficient website with dynamic CMS
  • A 995% increase in organic website traffic
  • Page 1 rankings with Google for over 100 relevant short and long-tail keywords
  • Top 5 and number 1 rankings for more than half of relevant keyword terms
  • A 750% increase in requests for quotes and telephone inquiries
  • Site visitors spending 65% more time on website pages

Sample Top Ranking Keywords:

  • Toronto Financial Industry Equipment
  • Secure Cheque Printing Canada
  • Secure Cheque Writing Quebec
  • Paper Processing Services Canada
  • Secure Cheque Writing Software PEI