Professional Social Media Services in Mississauga

Businesses need to rethink their online marketing and SEO strategies to include social media. Out of the current top 10 factors used by search engines to index content, 7 factors come from social media. While back linking methods are still relevant, they are no longer the only concern for optimizing search results. Our social media marketing services in Mississauga are designed to help increase exposure for online businesses using the best business practices.

How Social Media in Mississauga Relates to SEO

Social media has become the new way for people to share information with one another anytime they like content, share it, tweet on it, comment on it, or repost it. Search engines monitor these factors and use it to establish the credibility of the content and how it relates to your website. Relevancy and popularity of content on your website and social media pages both have a direct influence on SEO and how results are displayed. Our social media optimization (SMO) company understands the intricacies of creating quality content and the best locations to use the content to improve your rankings with search engines.

The proper utilization of social media is considered to be an effective strategy for link building. However, it is important to avoid bad business practices of poor quality content and link spamming. A few pieces of high quality and original content have more effective results in creating credible links with search engines. Another unique method used with social media services is author rankings. When your content is directly tied to an author through our social media optimization company and Google+ account, it generates additional back links for your content. Using author rankings has several benefits, including improved search result rankings, authorship of the content, and making the content more trustworthy.

Increase Indexing Speeds with Social Media Marketing Services in Mississauga

In the past, businesses had to wait on search engines’ indexing schedules to have their content indexed. It could take weeks or even months before improvements to search rankings were noticed. Today, that is no longer the case thanks to social media. It is now possible to improve indexing speeds by as much as 50 percent or more when social media strategies are implemented correctly. For example, an interesting article posted online in the morning which is tweeted, shared, reposted to Facebook and other social media sites creates new back links indexed throughout the day. By the end of the day, this piece of content is now trending and listed in the top rankings in search results.

Where many businesses go wrong in their own attempts at optimizing social media is concentrating on quantity instead of the quality of the content. Our social media Mississauga company has invested numerous hours of careful study, research, and testing to develop the most cost-efficient and effective methods in creating our social media services. Our expert SMO strategists take the guesswork out of understanding how indexing, social media, and SEO related to one another. Our social media marketing services are custom developed for every client and include options for localization optimization in Mississauga.